Easily And Quickly Convert USFM Files.

Easily transform USFM files into a more accessible format, such as DOCX and PDF.

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How it Works

Simply upload your USFM or TXT files and Scripted handles the rest. It will automatically format the text into something that is much more human friendly.




Convert USFM Files

Quickly convert a group of USFM or TXT files into something much more legible. We currently support HTML, but have plans to add more file types in the future.

Future formats may include:

  • DOCX
  • PDF
  • ODT

Format Text

Scripten will automatically format your text for you. However, there are plenty of options for you to customize to your needs.

  • Chapter and Verse breaks
  • Text Size
  • Columns
  • And more!

Preview (Upcoming...)

One of our planned features will allow you to view changes made to your files in real time. This means you won’t have to keep uploading and converting projects to fine tune your formatting options.

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More Tools

USFM Converter is part of a software ecosystem for Bible Translation. All freely available, all designed for easy use, all for the global church to have scripture for itself.